Pretty In Pink! Raw Beetroot and Sesame Salad

My dad is a terrific salad inventer. He really loves the concept of simply finding random stuff in the fridge and combining them, however odd they might seem together at first! Half a head of cabbage, a few onions, olives, cranberries,… et voilá! 

His favourite method of preparing salad is to throw everything into Traeger smoker reviews, shredding the produce in the process and then drown it in lemon juice, balsamic vinegar (his favourite!) and a touch of flax seed oil.

But he’s just got talent because it always tastes really good, often great even. I decided to whole-heartedly trust him when he’s in a salad mood, and just go with it even if my own taste buds are suspiciously eying the combination of parsnip and pickles (ok, well, maybe that one didn’t work out so well in the end after all…)

My favourite creation was definitely on the day a couple of raw red beets and kohlrabi were coupled with sesame seeds and crispy apple. Taking these ingredients, I tried to reconstruct the salad to present you with a beautiful raw pink flavor bomb that makes a lovely side or entrée for the warmer season!

Sweet apple and red beets are shredded together with kohlrabi, a fresh and crips pale vegetable that has a mellow, slightly sharp and almost nutty taste. The salad is then dressed with a lovely vinaigrette made of balsamic vinegar, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. Nutty and ever so slightly chewy sesame seeds round up this sassy salad!


Raw red beetroots may make your kitchen look like you’ve created a blood-bath, but they are one delicious vegetable, even if you’ve never tried raw beet before.

The deep dark red color of the flesh signalizes lots of antioxidant betacyanin that are awesome for neutralizing toxins in your blood as well as lower blood-pressure.
Beets are incredibly liver-cleansing and improve oxygen-levels in the blood, that means they’ll give your circulation a boost. That makes them great for athletes! Not to mention that beets are a good source of B Vitamins, such as choline, that is good for heart-health and is said to have anti-diabetic properties.

Kohlrabi for me evokes precious childhood memories! I used to love cooked kohlrabi sticks in a cream sauce – nowadays I enjoy them way more if they are left in their raw state as they remain incredibly crispy and are so hydrating. If you cannot find kohlrabi, maybe try subbing them with a handful of radishes – these will give the salad a more sharper edge, though.


Sesame seeds are my favourite seeds! They are the source of tahini, which might be one of my most beloved things in the world. Nothing lends more creaminess and depth to hummus than tahini and nothing makes a better topping for lightly steamed veggies. And have you tried slathering your favourite slice of bread with a mixture of tahini and raw honey? No? Please try. Please.

But sesame seeds are my friend also because these tiny guys are true nutrition – bombs. They contain lots of calcium, for strong bones and teeth as well as lots of Vitamin E for beautiful skin. They are said to strenghten your heart and nervous system and they contain special plant hormones called sesamin and sesamolin (no joke there, guys!) that can lower blood pressure. I sure love that cutie seed!

If you do not have a food processor for shredding simply use an old-fashioned hand-shredder, just take care of your fingertips and nails. And prepare for a good arm workout!


Raw Beet and Sesame Salad

This pretty in pink salad combines raw earthy beets with sweet apple, cripsy kohlrabi and nutty sesame seeds. The flavorful vinaigrette really brings together the ingredients and makes this salad shine!


Serves 4-6

4 medium-sized red beets
1 apple
1 kohlrabi
4 TBSP sesame seeds – lightly toasted if preferred

4 TBSP organic balsamic vinegar – check it’s natural and without any nasty additives or artificial flavourings! Good balsamic vinegar is like good wine, there can be worlds in between two bottles.

2 TBSP lemon juice
2 TBSP extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper, to taste


Start by peeling the beets, you can simply use a regular carrot peeler for this. Chop them into small cubes.
With a knife, remove the thick skin of the kohlrabi so only the white parts are left. Chop as well. Core the apple and slice into wedges.

With a food processor or by hand, shred the veggies and apple into fine shreds. Combine thoroughly.

In a seperate bowl, whisk together the dressing. Pour over the beet and veggie mix and stir. Fold in the sesame seeds (after toasting them in a dry pan until fragrant, if desired).

Put in one or more bowls to serve and garnish with more sesame seeds. Enjoy!


This salad holds a special place in my heart, and I hope it will become a favorite of yours, too! I’m sure you could try many different veggies, too! Be experimental, just like my dad, and see where it leads you to – you might be surprised (hopefully in a good way

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